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The Discovery of Global Warming                              April 2022

List of illustrations

A big set of effective visuals at, see also, and for graphs etc., the IPCC reports. More historical illustrations here

Akio Arakawa
Svante Arrhenius
Bert Bolin - young
Wallace ("Wally") Broecker
Reid Bryson
Mikhail Budyko
Guy Stewart Callendar
Jule Charney, Norman Phillips, Princeton Group
Willi Dansgaard, Chet Langway, Hans Oeschger
Jack Eddy
Cesare Emiliani
Maurice ("Doc") Ewing
James ("Jim") Hansen
Joseph Fourier
Charles D. ("Dave") Keeling
Hubert H. Lamb
Richard Lindzen
Syukuro ("Suki") Manabe
Michael Mann
Martin Manning, Susan Solomon, Dahe Qin (IPCC)

J. Murray Mitchell, Jr.
Rajendra Pachauri
Gilbert Plass
Veerabhadran ("Ram") Ramanathan
Roger Revelle
Eric Rignot
Benjamin Santer
Stephen Schneider
Nicholas ("Nick") Shackleton
Fred Singer
Hans Suess
Lonnie Thompson
Mostafa Tolba
John Tyndall
Warren Washington
Robert T. Watson
Harry Wexler & V.A. Bugaev
Tom Wigley & Phil Jones
Robert ("Bob") White

World newspaper climate coverage 2004-2022
Keeling's first observation of CO2 rise, 1960
Keeling's Mauna Loa CO2 curve as of 1971
Keeling's curve into the 21st century
Camp Century ice temperatures for 15,000 years
Vostok temperatures and CO2 for 150,000 years methane for four glacial cycles
Ancient methane and modern rise
Broecker and Emiliani's sawtooth glacial cycles
Callendar's 20th-century temperatures
20th-century temperature record as seen in 1982

Global temperature since 1880
Global temperatures over past 24,000 year
Heat content of the oceans
The "hockey stick" – 1000 years of Northern
   Hemisphere temperatures (1999; 2010)
A proposed Sun-climate correlation
Sunspot cycles since 1750
Solar energy reaching Earth (satellite data)
Greenland ice loss
Arctic sea ice volume decline
Rising sea level

Diagrams & Maps:
General circulation of the atmosphere
Ocean circulation "conveyor belt"
"Wiring diagrams" of interconnections
... Expanded
A primitive box model for carbon flow
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Arctic sea ice loss, 1979-2016

Schematic planet in 1969 computer model
Real geography in 1975 computer model
... Expanded
"Family Tree" of Atmospheric GCMs (P. Edwards)
Development of Climate Models 1970s-2000s
Projected global temperatures 2080-2099
Projected drought conditions, 2060-2069

Other Pictures:
A cartoon view of the Office of Naval Research

Little America (Antarctica) 1956
Camp Century ice-core trench
Ice-core drillers (Andes, Greenland)

Vostok (Antarctica) drilling station
Deep-sea drilling
The Lamont deep-sea core library
Clathrate (methane hydrate)
The tundra flower dryas octopetala and its pollen
The foraminifer globigerinoides sacculifer
Bristlecone pines
Princeton computer group with MANIAC I
NCAR labs, Boulder, CO
... supercomputer room
Mariner 9 view of Martian polar cap
Pinatubo 1991 eruption ash cloud
Rockman mural, "Manifest Destiny"

The 1930s Dust Bowl
The 1970s Sahel drought
Haze in the Grand Canyon
Alpine glacier change
Greenland ice stream discharge
Larsen B Ice Shelf breakup, 2002
Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy flooding, New York
Threatened ecosystems
Edith's Checkerspot butterfly
Bark beetle forest damage
Newsweek cover 1988
Calvin & Hobbes cartoon
Polar bear T-shirt
People's Climate March, 2014
US govt. statement altered to minimize climate risk
Scientists at 2007 IPCC meetings
Author (Spencer Weart)