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Her Story in Brief!

Polish Girlhood (1867-1891)
Nation and Family
The Governess

A Student in Paris (1891-1897)
Years of Study
Working Wife and Mother

Research Breakthroughs (1897-1904)
X-Rays and Uranium Rays
The Discovery of Polonium and Radium
Founding the Radium Industry
New Responsibilities and Concerns

Recognition and Disappointment

Honors from Abroad
The Nobel Prize and Its Aftermath

Tragedy and Adjustment (1906-1910)
A Fatal Accident
Life Goes On

Scandal and Recovery (1910-1913)
The Academy Debacle
The Langevin Affair
Illness and Rebirth

War Duty (1914-1919)
Radiology at the Front
A Military Radiotherapy Service

The Radium Institute (1919-1934)
The Marie Curie Radium Campaign
A World Center for the Study of
Physical Decline

A Second Generation of Curies
Fred Joliot and Irène Curie
The End of the Curie Hold on French    Science

Marie Curie’s Continuing Legacy
Marie Curie’s Continuing Legacy

Pierre Curie (1859-1906)
Marie Curie and Her Legend
Mendeleev and the Periodic Table of the    Elements
Radioactivity: The Unstable Nucleus and    its Uses
Jean-Frédéric Joliot (1900-1958) and Irène    Curie (1897-1956)
Discovery Paper by the Curies, 1898
Article on "Radium and Radioactivity"
   by Marie Curie, 1904

From Poland to Paris

Looking for a Laboratory, Finding Love

The Discovery of Radium

Honors, Disasters & Renewal

Radium Campaigns

The Mystery of the Rays
  Atoms, Elements, Compound

Polish Schools Under Russian Rule
Leaving Home at 15
Secret Studies in Warsaw
A Poor Student in Paris
Meeting Pierre Curie
Family and Professional Life
Discovering Radium
The Struggle to Isolate Radium
Radium Therapy
Fame and Illness
X-rays on Wheels
Appearing in Public

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