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High Honors, then Tragedy

hen the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Pierre and Marie Curie in 1903, the great honor quickly changed their lives. Pierre was finally appointed to a professorship at the Sorbonne, and the university belatedly found funds for a laboratory for him. It also hired Marie—the first woman to win a Nobel Prize—as “laboratory chief.”

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The Curies in British Vanity Fair Magazine, Dec 1904
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Pierre and Marie felt too ill, and too busy, to get to Sweden to deliver the traditional lecture accepting the Nobel Prize until 1905. The following spring Pierre was finally feeling more positive about his research. Although rainy, April 19, 1906, promised to be a productive day for him. After working in the laboratory in the morning, he was on his way to a library when he slipped on the wet street and fell in front of a heavy horse-drawn wagon. It ran over his head, killing him instantly.

The picture of Marie which she put in Pierre's coffin.
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