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Ann Arbor (Mich.)

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Ann Arbor (Mich.)


Bacher, Robert F. (Robert Fox), 1905-2004

Barton, Henry Askew, 1898-1983

Briggs, Lyman J. (Lyman James), 1874-1963

Bucksbaum, Philip H.

Cahn, John W., 1928-

Case, Kenneth M.

Ceperley, David

Chamberlain, Joseph W. (Joseph Wyan), 1928-2004

Crane, H. R. (Horace Richard), 1907-2007

Dennison, David M. (David Mathias), 1900-1976

Donahue, Thomas M.

Drickamer, H. G. (Harry George), 1918-2002

Edwards, David F. (David Franklin)

Foley, Henry Michael, 1917-1982

Glaser, D. A.

Goudsmit, Samuel A. (Samuel Abraham), 1902-1978

Graessley, W. W. (William Walter)

Gunn, Ross, 1897-1966

Hellwarth, Robert Willis, 1930-2021

Karle, Jerome

Laporte, Otto, 1902-1971

Mourou, Gerard

Perl, Martin L., 1927-2014

Politzer, H. David, 1949-

Randall, Harrison M. (Harrison McAllister), 1870-

Smalley, Richard E.

Spitzer, Frank, 1926-

Tape, Gerald Frederick, 1915-2005

Timoshenko, Stephen, 1878-1972

Ting, S. C. C. (Samuel Chao-chung), 1936-

Truesdell, C. (Clifford), 1919-2000

Uhlenbeck, George Eugène, 1900-1988

Veltman, Martinus

Washington, Warren M.

Wieman, C. E. (Carl Edwin)

Wiesner, Jerome B. (Jerome Bert), 1915-1994

Wilkinson, David T.

Willmarth, William W.

Witherell, Michael S., 1949-

Yih, Chia-shun, 1918-1997

Zweig, George


University of Michigan. Department of Physics