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Over 1000 biographies of physicists and histories of institutions with information pertaining to their lives, careers, and research.

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Ashkin, Arthur, 1922-

Aspnes, D. E.

Bloembergen, N.

Duke, Charles B.

Henyey, Louis G., 1910-1970

Ives, Herbert Eugene, 1882-1953

Joannopoulos, J. D. (John D.), 1947-

Klein, Miles V., 1933-

Kompfner, Rudolf, 1909-1977

Landauer, Rolf William, 1927-1999

Lorentz, H. A. (Hendrik Antoon), 1853-1928

Lyman, Theodore, 1874-1954

Michelson, Albert A. (Albert Abraham), 1852-1931

Mourou, Gerard

Murnane, Margaret

Pritchard, David E. (David Edward), 1941-

Rayleigh, John William Strutt, Baron, 1842-1919

Richtmyer, F. K. (Floyd Karker), 1881-1939

Ruska, Ernst

Scifres, Don R.

Tomonaga, Shin'ichiro, 1906-1979

Wien, W. (Wilhelm), 1864-1928

Wood, Robert Williams, 1868-1955

Ye, Jun, 1967-

Zeeman, Pieter, 1865-1943

Zernike, Frits, 1888-1966


Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics

Optical Society of America

University of Texas at Austin. Department of Physics

University of Virginia. Department of Physics