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Over 1000 biographies of physicists and histories of institutions with information pertaining to their lives, careers, and research.

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Mathematical physics.

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Mathematical physics.


Adler, Stephen L.

Bargmann, V. (Valentine), 1908-1989

Bateman, Harry, 1882-1946

Campbell, David K.

Case, Kenneth M.

Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler, 1876-1965

Epstein, Paul S. (Paul Sophus), 1883-1966

Feigenbaum, Mitchell, 1944-2019

Feynman, Richard P. (Richard Phillips), 1918-1988

Glimm, James

Goldstone, Jeff Alan

Grad, Harold, 1923-

Gutzwiller, M. C. (Martin C.)

Hill, Edward Lee, 1904-1974

Hooft, G. 't

Howard, Louis N.

Jaffe, Arthur, 1937-

Kruskal, Martin D. (Martin David), 1925-2006

Lebowitz, Joel Louis, 1930-

Lieb, Elliott H.

Mackey, George W. (George Whitelaw), 1916-2006

Mason, Max, 1877-1961

Montroll, E. W.

Peterlin, A. (Anton)

Robertson, H. P. (Howard Percy), 1903-1961

Rossby, Carl-Gustaf

Schiffer, Menahem

Seitz, Frederick, 1911-2008

Sinai, Yakov G.

Spencer, Thomas, 1946-

Ulam, Stanislaw M.

Wightman, A. S. (Arthur Strong), 1922-2013

Wigner, Eugene Paul, 1902-1995

Wilczek, Frank

Witten, E.

Zamolodchikov, A. B., 1952-

Zener, Clarence, 1905-


University of Virginia. Department of Physics