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Astronomers in Instanbul

Astronomers using an astrolabe (center-right), a quadrant (below), and and other instruments at the Istanbul Observatory. Built in 1577, it was soon torn down under suspicion of impious astrological investigations.

The picture is from a larger painting of the observatory at Istanbul in the 16th century. The painting is from Shahinshah-nama (History of the King of Kings), an epic poem by 'Ala ad-Din Mansur-Shirazi, written in honor of Sultan Murad III (reigned 1574-1595 (AH982-1003]). It shows workers at the observatory of Taqfad ad-Din at Istanbul in 1577 (AH985). Shelves with books are at top right. On the table are an hourglass, a mechanical clock (far right) and other instruments. Two astronomers are working with an astrolabe, and to their left one is observing with a quadrant. At bottom is a globe of the Earth.

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