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Alan Gent



November 11, 1927 – September 20, 2012

Authorized Form of Name

Gent, Alan, N.

Additional Forms of Names

Gent, Alan, Neville, 1927-2012



Alan Gent was awarded the Bingham Medal of the Society of Rheology in 1975. He obtained degrees from the University of London, and then moved to the U.S., where he spent the majority of his career at the University of Akron and the Research Division of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. He served as president for rheology societies such as the Society of Rheology, The High-Polymer Physics Division of the American Physical Society, and the Adhesion Society, which he also co-founded.

Important Dates

November 11, 1927Birth, Leicester (England).

1946 – 1949B.S in Physics and Mathematics, University of London, London (England).

1949 – 1961Research Physicist; Principal Physicist; and initiated engineering research program, British Rubber Producers’ Research Association.

1955Obtained Ph.D from dissertation on Mechanics of Deformation and Fracture of Rubber and Plastics, University of London, London (England).

1961 – 1994Professor (1961-1963); Assistant Director of the Institute of Rubber Research (1961-1978); Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (1978-1986); Dr. Harold A. Morton Professor of Polymer Physics and Polymer Engineering (1986-1994), University of Akron, Akron (Ohio).

1964Awarded the Mobay Award, Cellular Plastics Division, Society of the Plastics Industry.

1964 – 2002Consultant and Scientific Adviser, Research Division of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

1975Awarded the Bingham Medal, Society of Rheology.

1978Awarded the Colwyn Medal, Plastics and Rubber Institute.

1978 – 1980Co-Founder and President, Adhesion Society.

1979Awarded the Adhesives Award, American Society for Testing and Materials.

1980Awarded the International Research Award, Society of Plastics Engineers.

1980 – 1983Vice-President, and President, Society of Rheology.

1987Awarded the George Stafford Whitby Distinguished Teaching Award, American Chemical Society.

1988Awarded the Public Service Medal, NASA.

1990Awarded the Charles Goodyear Medal of the Rubber Division, American Chemical Society.

1991Member, U.S. National Academy of Engineering.

1996Awarded the Polymer Physics Prize, American Physical Society.

1997Awarded the President's Award, Adhesion Society..

2012Awarded the Inaugural Tire Technology International Lifetime Achievement Award.

September 20, 2012Death, Silver Lake (Ohio).





Leicester (England)

Undergraduate Education

London (England)

Graduate Education

London (England)


Akron (Ohio)


Silver Lake (Ohio)


Polymer rheology.

Rheology -- Industrial applications.

Rheology -- Societies, etc.




Cheng, Stephen Z. D., 1949-

Both worked at College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, University of Akron.

White, James Lindsay, 1938-


Major Positions

British Rubber Producers’ Research Association

Research Physicist; Principal Physicist; and initiated engineering research program.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Consultant and scientific adviser.

University of Akron

Professor; Assistant Director of the Institute of Rubber Research; Dean of Graduate Studies and Research; and Dr. Harold A. Morton Professor of Polymer Physics and Polymer Engineering.

Professional Activities & Affiliations

Adhesion Society

Co-founder; President; and awarded the President's Awad (1997).

American Chemical Society

Awarded the the George Stafford Whitby Distinguished Teaching Award; and the Charles Goodyear Medal of the Rubber Division (1990).

American Physical Society

Awarded the Polymer Physics Prize (1996).

American Society for Testing and Materials

Awarded the Adhesives Award (1979).

National Academy of Engineering


Plastics and Rubber Institute

Awarded the Colwyn Medal (1978).

Society of Plastics Engineers

Awarded the International Research Award (1980).

Society of Rheology (U.S.)

Vice-President; President; and awarded the Bingham Medal (1975).

Society of the Plastics Industry

Awarded the Mobay Award (1964), Cellular plastics Division.

United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Awarded the Public Service Medal (1988).

University of London

B.S in physics and mathematics (1946; 1949), and Ph.D (1955).


Archival Resources


Society of Rheology miscellaneous publications, Box 6, Folder 22, Rheology Bulletin, Vol 44, No. 2, August 1975.

Niels Bohr Library & Archives

American Institute of Physics

One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA

Published Resources


Adhension Society In Memoriam for Alan Gent.

Chemical and Engineering News obituary for Alan N. Gent.

Physics Today article, "Alan Gent becomes rheologists' vice president."

Physics Today article, "Gent in named 1975 Bingham Medalist."

Rubber & Plastic News Alan Gent obituary.