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B. D. Josephson



January 4, 1940 – present

Authorized Form of Name

Josephson, B. D. (Brian David), 1940-

Additional Forms of Names

Dzhozefson, Braĭan, 1940-

Josephson, B. D.

Josephson, Brian, 1940-

Josephson, Brian David, 1940-



Brian D. Josephson is a physicist at the University of Cambridge, specializing in semiconductors and condensed matter. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his theoretical predications of the properties of a supercurrent through a tunnel barrier, in particular those phenomena which are generally known as the Josephson effect."

Important Dates

January 04, 1940Birth, Cardiff (Wales).

1960Obtained BA in Physics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (England).

1962Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (England).

1964Obtained PhD in Physics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (England).

1964 – 1965Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois.

1967 – presentAssistant Director of Research (1967-1972); Reader in Physics (1972-1974); and Professor of Physics (1974-2018), University of Cambridge, Cambridge (England).

1969Awarded Research Corporation Award.

1969Awarded New Scientist Award.

1970Awarded Fritz London Award.

1971National Science Foundation (NSF) Senior Foreign Scientist Fellow, Cornell University.

1972Awarded van der Pol Medal.

1972Awarded Guthrie Medal and Holweck Medal, Institute of Physics.

1972Awarded Elliott Cresson Medal, Franklin Institute.

1972Awarded Hughes Medal, Royal Society.

1974Awarded Honorary DSc, University of Wales.

1974Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

1982Awarded Faraday Medal, Institute of Electrical Engineers.

1982Honorary Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

1983Awarded Honorary DSc, University of Exeter.

1983Visiting Professor Computer Science, Wayne State University.

1984Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Science.

1984Awarded Sir George Thomson, Institute of Measurement and Control.

1987Visiting Professor, University of Missouri-Rolla.


Semiconductors and condensed matter physicist.



Cardiff (Wales)

Undergraduate Education

Cambridge (England)

Graduate Education

Cambridge (England)


Cambridge (England)


Condensed matter.

Low temperature research.





Advisors & Collaborators

Anderson, P. W. (Philip W.), 1923-

Research advisor at University of Cambridge.

Pippard, A. B.

PhD advisor at University of Cambridge.


Esaki, Reona, 1925-

Awarded 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for a separate project.

Giaever, Ivar

Awarded 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for a separate project.

Kamerlingh Onnes, Heike, 1853-1926


Major Positions

Cornell University. Department of Physics

National Science Foundation (NSF) Senior Foreign Scientist Fellow.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Visiting Professor.

Trinity College (University of Cambridge)


University of Cambridge. Department of Physics

Obtained BA in Physics (1960) and PhD in Physics (1964). Assistant Director; Reader in Physics; and Professor of Physics.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Physics

Research Assistant Professor.

University of Missouri -- Rolla. Department of Physics

Visiting Professor.

Wayne State University. Department of Physics & Astronomy

Visiting Professor of Computer Science.

Professional Activities & Affiliations

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Honorary Member.

Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Awarded 1972 Elliott Cresson Medal

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Honorary Member and awarded 1982 Faraday Medal.

Institute of Measurement and Control

Awarded 1984 Sir George Thomson Medal.

Institute of Physics (Great Britain)

Awarded 1972 Guthrie Medal and 1972 Holweck Medal.

Royal Society (Great Britain)

Awarded 1972 Hughes Medal.

University of Exeter

Awarded Honorary DSc (1983).

University of Wales

Awarded Honorary DSc (1974).


Archival Resources


The history of superconductivity from its discovery by Kammerlingh Onnes in 1911 [sound recording], 2011 March 21.

Niels Bohr Library & Archives

American Institute of Physics

One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA

Walter A. Harrison Tunneling into Physics, 2015.

Niels Bohr Library & Archives

American Institute of Physics

One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA

Published Resources


Brian D. Josephson Nobel Prize Biography