AIP Working Group for Documenting Multi-Institutional Collaborations in High-Energy Physics

Main Consultants

Prof. Peter Galison
Stanford University

Dr. Frederik Nebeker
IEEE Center for the
History of Electrical

Ms. Roxanne Nilan
Stanford Linear
Accelerator Center

Prof. Lynne Zucker
University of California at Los Angeles

Prof. Lowell Hargens
University of Illinois

Archival Representatives

Ms. Helen Samuels
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Anne Millbrooke
United Technologies Corp.

Dr. Sharon Thibodeau
National Archives
Records Administration

Research and
Development Centers)
Ms. Victoria Davis
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Others On Working Group
Ms. Louise Addis
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Dr. David Berley
Physics Program
National Science Foundation

Prof. Sheldon Glashow
Lyman Laboratory
Harvard University

Dr. Bernard Hildebrand
Div. of High Energy Physics
Department of Energy

Mr. Herbert Kinney
Office of the Director
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Mr. William Kirk
Office of the Director
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Prof. Ronald Kline
Department of Electrical Engineering
Cornell University

Dr. Derek Lowenstein
AGS Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dr. Robert Smith
National Air & Space Museum, and

Department of History and Philosophy of Science
The Johns Hopkins University

Dr. William Wallenmeyer
Southeastern Universities
Research Association

Prof. Robert R. Wilson
F. R. Newman Laboratory of Nuclear Studies
Cornell University

Dr. Stanley G. Wojcicki
Experimental Group G
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Prof. Harriet Zuckerman
Department of Sociology
Columbia University

AIP Project Staff
Ms. Joan Warnow-Blewett
Project Director

Dr. Spencer R. Weart,
Associate Project Director and Chair, Working Group

Dr. Joel Genuth
Project Historian

Ms. Lynn Maloney
Project Archivist

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