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Report No. 1: Summary of Project Activities and Findings / Project Recommendations

Executive Summary
Part A: Summary of Project Activities and Findings
Part B: Project Recommendations

Report No. 2: Documenting Collaborations in High-Energy Physics

Part A: Report on Project Activities
Part B: Archival Findings: Analysis and Future Actions
Part C: Records Creation in the Context of Laboratory Operations and Research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Part D: Appraisal Guidelines for Records of Collaborations in High-Energy Physics

Report No. 3: Catalog of Selected Historical Materials

Report No. 4: Historical Findings on Collaborations in High-Energy Physics

Part A: Historical Analysis on the Selected Experiments at U.S. Sites
Part B: Some Socio-Historical Aspects of Multi-Institutional Collaborations in High-Energy Physics at CERN Between 1975 and 1985
Part C: A Small Sample Set of Interviews with Women in High-Energy Physics
Part D: Probe Reports: History of the Psi Discovery, the Upsilon Discovery and the CLEO Experiment at CESR
Part E: Report on Subcontracting and the LeCroy Electronics Corporation

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