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Links & Sources

Lasers on the Web

The 1964 Physics Nobel Prize including lectures by Townes, Basov and Prokhorov

NASA "What is a Laser" for children

Detailed information on how lasers work (high school level)

LaserFest - A 2010 celebration for the Year of the Laser

Laser History in Print

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Full Interviews

Oral History: Peter Franken

Oral History: Arthur Schawlow

Oral History: Charles Townes (1987)

Oral History: N. G. Basov (Russian Nobelist)

Oral History: Irnee d'Haenens (Maiman's laser)

Oral History: W. E. Lamb (quantum theory of lasers)

Oral History: Rolf Landauer (IBM team)

Oral History: Elias Snitzer (neodymium-glass laser)

Oral History: Charles Townes (1984)