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Making the Exhibit: Who and How

Einstein: Image and Impact is based on a 16-panel travelling exhibit designed by the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics for the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey on the occasion of the Einstein Centennial 1879-1979. Expert historians were enlisted to write and check the text, and copies were sent to roughly a thousand sites around the US and abroad in cooperation with the State Humanities Commissions. The exhibit was reformatted for the Web in 1996. Since then additional information about Einstein's life has come to light and has been incorporated in the text, with the advice of leading historians. In 2003-2004 in preparation for the 2005 World Year of Physics and Einstein Great Papers Centennial, the exhibit was reformatted for a better appearance and functionality on current browsers and provided with more supplementary materials.

We have been helped by viewers who pointed out minor errors and places where the text was not entirely clear. Send us your COMMENTS

Editor: Spencer Weart
Text contributors: Martin Klein, Sybil Milton
Image editor: Joan Warnow-Blewett with Tracey Keifer
Initial graphics design: Terrence Gaughan
Web design: Scott P. Case; "In Brief" by Larry Belmont; 2003 reformatting by Niem Dang, and 2004 front page redesign by Holly Russo.

We were also helped greatly by David Cassidy, Helen Dukas, Paul Forman, Banesh Hoffmann, Gerald Holton, John Hunt, Lotte Jacobi, James Smith, John Stachel, Mary Wisnovsky and Harry Woolf; Station KGBH NOVA staff Margot Edman and Tony Lark; and AIP staff Michele Blakeslee, Tania Oster, Eileen Silverman, and Kiera Robinson. Audio work by Drew Arrowood.

For the use of copyrighted materials, we thank the Albert Einstein Estate and the photographers and agencies named in the separate pages. Use of Einstein's image for commercial purposes is restricted; for licensing apply to the Richman Agency.

All material on this site is � 1996 - American Institute of Physics

Many of these images, over a hundred other Einstein pictures, and tens of thousands of other photographs of physical scientists, are available from our Emilio Segrè Visual Archives

Support for the Web exhibit comes from the American Institute of Physics in College Park, MD, and the Friends of the AIP Center for History of Physics, with additional support from the State of Maryland Humanities Council under funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which also supported the original 1979 exhibit.


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