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Introduction: Summary History of Climate Change Science
History in Hypertext

The Modern Temperature Trend
Past Cycles: Ice Age Speculations
          Temperatures from Fossil Shells
Rapid Climate Change
          Radiocarbon Dating

The Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Effect
          Roger Revelle's Discovery
          Other Greenhouse Gases
Aerosol Hazes
Biosphere: How Life Alters Climate
Changing Sun, Changing Climate
Ocean Currents and Climate

Simple Models of Climate
          Chaos in the Atmosphere
          Venus & Mars
General Circulation Models of the Atmosphere
          Basic Radiation Calculations

          Arakawa's Computation Device

Impacts of Global Warming
The Public and Climate
          Wintry Doom
          Ice Sheets, Rising Seas, Floods
Government: The View from Washington, DC
          Climate Modification Schemes
          Money for Keeling: Monitoring CO2 Levels
International Cooperation
          Climate Science as a Profession
Conclusions: A Personal Note

Timeline of milestones
Bibliography by author (big files) Part I  A-K - Part II  L-Z

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