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Laser History on the Web

LaserFest 2010

The 1964 Physics Nobel Prize including lectures by Townes, Basov and Prokhorov

A short history of 1960 events with remarks on credit for the laser, extracted from the book Laser Pioneers by Jeff Hecht (Academic Press, 1991)

Oral history interview transcripts

Lasers on the Web

Detailed description of how masers/lasers work (high-school level)

A quick description of the ruby laser

Some applications of lasers — American Institute of Physics' "DBIS" videos:

1. Diagnosing Heartburn (image of a laser on the end of a fiber obtic cable)

2. New Combat Helmet (Military images)

3. Mars to Bars (Uses laser use in space mission to study wine)

4. Robo Dog to the Rescue (Robot responds to laser pointer commands)

5. Reducing Your Lead Footprint (uses a laser to create the new lead-free material)

More History of Physics on the Web

Moments of Discovery: fission, an optical pulsar, superconductor theory

More exhibits from the Center for History of Physics

AIP History Center's links page

Laser History in Print

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Laser History in Print — for Advanced Students

Bertolotti, Mario. The History of the Laser, trans. Bollati Boringhieri. Philadelphia: Institute of Physics, 2005.

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