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This exhibit is sponsored by the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics with the aid of the Friends of the History Center. All interviews are available at AIP’s Niels Bohr Library & Archives.

Photo credits. Most can be purchased from AIP's Emilio Segrè Visual Archives.

Text by Spencer Weart, based chiefly on Joan Lisa Bromberg, The Laser in America, 1950–1970 (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1991), with additional help and advice from Jeff Hecht, author of Beam: The Race to Make the Laser (New York: Oxford, 2005), Stephanie Jankowski, Paul Forman, and Hal Wallace. Additional text adapted from “The Laser at 25” exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, 1985, by Barney Finn and Joan Bromberg, and "Laser Technology: Changing Daily Life, Forging New Opportunities" by Glenn Rosin for The Optical Society.

Design by Ada Uzoma.

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