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Heisenberg's Physics: Dissertation; doctoral final oral exams; first paper; the gamma-ray microscope;the old quantum theory.

Quantum mechanics: breakthrough, development, H.'s first paper on; Copenhagen interpretation.

Uncertainty principle: origins and implications; uncertainty relations; derivation of.

Political Life: World War I; youth movement; in Third Reich; SS attack in 1937; controversy over fission research in World War II; Farm Hall; role in West German science policy.

Personal Life and Career: childhood and youth; youth movement activities; Gymnasium and Education; Gymnasium student; student and postdoctoral career; doctorate; professor in Leipzig; Leipzig students and postdocs; fission research during war; post-WW II career.

Special Features

Brief Chronology

Heisenberg's meeting with Bohr in Copenhagen, September 1941

Excerpt from Farm Hall Transcripts

Excerpt from Physics and Philosophy: English; German

Heisenberg's voice: hear him recall his early thoughts on the Uncertainty Principle (English).

Title page of Heisenberg's dissertation


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