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Werner Heisenberg
A Bibliography of His Writings

Expanded Edition
Compiled by David C. Cassidy

Format and Abbreviations

Under the first appearance of each item are references to every later appearance in the bibliography; and, under every later appearance, a reference to the first. One can easily reconstruct the printing history of each item. At the first appearance of a collection all of its articles are listed and assigned a decimal number. For example, if "1935i" is a collection, then "1935i.1" is its first member.

A reference to the location in the Collected Works is provided under each item in the bibliography that is the source for an work contained in the Collected Works. As described below in the list of abbreviations, the reference HGW: A1, 134-158, for instance, indicates that the paper is included in the Collected Works (HGW), in series A, volume 1, pages 134 to 158. Further information on series A, volume 1 is provided at 1985a. However, only first publications are listed separately under each reference to a volume of the Collected Works.

An asterisk (*) designates an item I have not yet seen, a double asterisk (**) missing information. I have provided descriptions when possible and appropriate, but I have not tried to identify variants in any detail.

The following abbreviations are used:

AP- Annalen der Physik

AW- Akademie der Wissenschaften

DW- Die Welt

FF- Forschungen und Fortschritte

GDNA- Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte

HGW xy, z- Heisenberg, Gesammelte Werke / Collected Works
x=series, y=volume, z=page


Series A: Original Scientific Papers, 3 vols. (vol. 1: 1985a; vol. 2: 1989a; vol. 3: 1993a)

Series B: Scientific Review Papers, Talks, and Books, 1 vol. (1984a)

Series C: Philosophical and Popular Writings, 5 vols. (vol. 1: 1984b; vol. 2: 1984c; vol. 3: 1985b; vol. 4: 1986a; vol. 5: 1989b)

Mt - Mitteilungen

NC Il - Nuovo Cimento

Nwn - Die Naturwissenschaften

PB - Physikalische Blätter

PZ - Physikalische Zs

SZ - Süddeutsche Zeitung

UFN - Uspekhi fizicheskikh nauk

Un - Universitas

Vh - Verhandlungen

WH- Werner Heisenberg

ZaC - Zs für angewandte Chemie

ZN - Zs für Naturforschung

ZP - Zs für Physik

Zs - Zeitschrift

The following language codes are used:

Ab - Arabic

Ch - Chinese

Cn - Castillian

Cz - Czech

Dn - Danish

Dr - Dravidian (India)


Dr:K - Kanarese

Dr:M - Malayalam

Dr:T - Telugu

Du - Dutch

En - English

Fr - French

Ge - German

Hu - Hungarian

It - Italian

Jp - Japanese

Nw - Norwegian

Pg - Portugese

Po - Polish

Rm - Rumanian

Ru - Russian

Sb - Serbocroatian

Sp - Spanish

Tk - Turkish

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