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American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics. Study of Multi-Institutional Collaborations. Phase I: High-Energy Physics.
Oral history interviews. High-Energy Physics. Selected Experiments: SLAC-E-132: A Study of K- P Interactions Using LASS, 1990-1991.
Interviews (listed by institutional member of the collaboration and by name of individual) were conducted with: Carleton University: Robert K. Carnegie (co-spokesperson), Penny Estabrooks (postdoc), F. Gerald Oakham (student); Stanford Linear Accelerator Center: David W.G.S. Leith (co-spokesperson), Blair Ratcliff (spokesperson), Stephen L. Shapiro.
A documentation research project to study the complex issues facing the historical documentation of multi-institutional collaborations in physics and allied sciences. SLAC-E-132 used the LASS detector to do a high statistics study of meson states of higher mass, spin, and multiplicity than had been possible with the previous generation of forward spectrometers. LASS was built as a facility to do strange quark physics and had multiple users who contributed materially to its development. This experiment was part of a string including: SLAC-E-127, E-128, E-129, and E-135. 132 was approved in 1977 and completed running in 1978.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.
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Carleton University.
Leith, David W. G. S.
American Institute of Physics) Center for History of Physics
Carnegie, Robert K.
Estabrooks, Penny.
Oakham, F. Gerald.
Ratcliff, Blair.
Shapiro, Stephen L.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA