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Hecht, Jeff,
Jeff Hecht laser pioneer interviews, 1984-1991.
Audio tapes and original transcripts of ten interviews conducted by Jeff Hecht with pioneers of laser and laser applications research. Pioneers of laser research: Nicolaas Bloembergen, Gordon Gould (two interviews), Robert N. Hall, Ali Javan, Dennis Matthews, C. Kumar N. Patel, William Silvast, and Peter Sorokin. Pioneers of laser applications research: Emmet Leith and Francis L'Esperance. Topics include: background and education of all interviewees; nuclear magnetic resonance, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy, laser applications, American Physical Society Report on Directed Energy Weapons (Bloembergen); patents, optical communications, copper-vapor lasers, mercury-vapor lasers (Gould); semiconductor lasers, General Electric (Hall); synthetic aperture radar, Willow Run Laboratory, optical signal processing, holography, optical computing (Leith); Bell Laboratories, molecular lasers, spin-flip Raman lasers, atmospheric pollutants, spectroscopy, ozone depletion, American Physical Society Study on Directed Energy Weapons (Patel); Radio Corporation of America, helium-neon laser, classical oscillators at optical frequencies (Javan); opthamology, laser photocoagulation, diabetic retinopathy (L'Esperance); soft x-ray laser, Nova Fusion Laser, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Matthews); University of Utah, metal-vapor lasers, short-wavelength lasers, helium cadmium laser, Bell Labs (Silvast); Maiman's first laser, dye lasers, two photon lasers, and spectroscopy (Sorokin).
The collection also includes 23 issues of the journal Lasers and Applications (1985-86), containing a series of oral history interviews with researchers involved in the discovery and development of different types of lasers done in commemoration of the 25th anniversary (1985) of the first operation of the laser. Interviewees include: Nicolaas Bloembergen, William Bridges, J. J. Ewing, Gordon Gould, Robert Hall, Ralph Jacobs, Ali Javan, John Madey, Ted Maiman, C. K. N. Patel, William Silfvast, Arthur Schawlow, Peter Sorokin, Charles H. Townes. In 1986 the magazine featured a series of interviews with laser applications pioneers. Interviewees included are: Sidney Charschan, Evan Dryer, Arthur H. Guenther, Theodor W. Hansch, Al Hildebrand, Charles K. Kao, Narinder Kapany, Larry Larson, Emmett Leith, Francis L'Esperance.
Freelance science and technology writer. Science Writing Fellowship, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, 1992. Author of Understanding Lasers (1991); Laser Pioneers (1991); The Laser Guidebook (1986); Optics: Light for a New Age (1988).
Bell Telephone Laboratories
General Electric Company.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Radio Corporation of America.
University of Michigan. Willow Run Laboratories.
University of Utah.
Air -- Pollution potential.
Dye lasers.
Helium-neon lasers.
Lasers -- History.
Metal vapor lasers.
Molecular gas lasers.
Nuclear magnetic resonance.
Raman spectroscopy.
Science and industry
Semiconductor lasers.
Spectrum analysis.
Synthetic aperature radar.
X-ray lasers.
Oral histories. aat
Interviews. aat
Transcripts. aat
Sound recordings lcgft
Bloembergen, N.
Bridges, William B., 1934-
Charschan, Sidney S.
Gould, Gordon, 1920-2005
Guenther, Arthur Henry, 1931-
Hall, Robert Noel, 1919-
Hñsch, T. W. (Theo W.), 1941-
Javan, Ali, 1926-
Kao, Charles K., 1933-
Leith, Emmett N.
L'Esperance, Francis A., 1932-
Madey, J. M. J.
Maiman, Theodore H.
Matthews, Dennis L.
Patel, C. Kumar N.
Sorokin, Peter P.
Schawlow, Arthur L., 1921-1999
Townes, Charles H.
Silvast, William.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA