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Mitroff, Ian I.
Ian Mitroff interviews with lunar scientists, 1969-1972.
Audio recordings; transcriptions; questionnaires; abstracts. These materials comprise the products of interviews with forty-three lunar scientists conducted by Ian Mitroff to write the Subjective Side of Science, a study of the sociology, psychology, and philosophy of scientific enquiry. Beginning in 1969, the scientists were interviewed during the period just after Apollo 11 and through the Apollo 16 mission. Each respondent was interviewed four times in order to determine whether the beliefs of the scientists were changing in response to the scientific data brought back from successive Apollo missions to the moon.
The bulk of this collection is comprised of the interview transcripts, and follow-up interview questionnaires. The collection also includes abstracts of the interviews, as well as biographical information for select interviewees. It includes a manuscript draft of Mitroffs book The Subjective Side of Science: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Psychology of the Apollo Moon Scientists. It also includes original interview cassette tapes, many of which are not transcribed.
Sociologist. B.S. (Engineering Physics, 1961), M.S. (Structural Engineering, 1963) and Ph.D. (Engineering Science, {Major Field: Human Factors, Industrial Engineering}, and the Philosophy of Social Science {Minor Field} 1967), University of California, Berkeley. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Department of Management and Organization.
Space sciences.
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