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Zverev, M. S.
Oral history interview with Mitrofan Stepanovich Zverev, 1987 December.
This interview concerns the life and career of the Soviet astrometrist Mitrofan Stepanovich Zverev, a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. It begins with Dr. Zverev's childhood and early interests in music and astronomy; early education at the Moscow State Conservatory, his meeting with the Moscow astronomer S. N. Blazhko (1870-1956); subsequent transfer to Moscow State University, which Zverev completed with a major in astronomy in 1931. He describes his early work as a participant in a program to observe a catalog of geodesic stars and discusses various astronomers in both Moscow and Leningrad. Also discussed at length is the Catalog of Faint Stars and Dr. Zverev's role in saving the catalog project following the arrest of the catalog originators from 1936-1937.
Born 1903.
Blazhko, S. N.
Zverev, M. S.
Moskovski gosudarstvenny universitet im. M.V. Lomonosova
Moscow State Conservatory Students
Astronomers -- Soviet Union.
Astronomy -- Soviet Union.
Geodetic astronomy.
Political persecution -- Soviet Union -- 20th century.
Stars -- Catalogs.
Stars -- Observations.
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McCutcheon, Robert A., interviewer.
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