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Hilsum, Cyril.
Oral history interview with Cyril Hilsum, 1981 January 6.
Early stages of career at University College, London. War work at admiralty Signals Establishment-Hashmere. Work on infrared for Admiralty. First work on germanium, 1953-1954. Work on indium arsenide and gallium antimonide from 1956. Interaction with Christopher Rose-Innis. Differences between semiconductor research in U.K. and U.S. Some 1960s work on lasers and Gunn effect at RSRE-Malvern. Overview of semiconductors work at RSRE-Malvern.
Born in 1925.
Great Britain. Admiralty.
University College, London.
Gallium compounds.
Gunn effect.
Indium compounds.
Semiconductors -- Research.
Solid state physics.
Solid state physics -- History
Oral histories. aat
Interviews. aat
Transcripts. aat
Rose-Innis, Christopher.
Great Britain. Telecommunications Research Establishment.
Braun, Ernest, 1925- interviewer.
Hoch, Paul interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA