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Conwell, Esther M. (Esther Marly), 1922-2014
Oral history interview with Esther M. Conwell, 1983 March 22.
Childhood and early schooling in Bronx, NY; undergraduate studies at Brooklyn College; fellow students, Ralph Bray, Seymour Benzer, Arthur Ginzberg, all later affiliated with Purdue University. Graduate studies at University of Rochester and, from 1943, at University of Chicago; reasons for transfer. Extensive comments on her masters thesis under Victor Weisskopf (Vivian Johnson, Karl Lark-Horowitz); Ph.D. in astrophysics. Instructorship at Brooklyn College; work on germanium mobilities and resistivities at Bell Laboratories with William Shockley. Discussions of published works on single crystal production, 1952 (Peter Debye); comments on her book on transport in high electrical fields; Shockley's theory on hot carriers in germanium; work on microwave power detector while at Sylvania.
Conwell, Esther M. (Esther Marly), 1922-2014
Lark-Horovitz, K. (Karl), 1892-1958.
Shockley, William, 1910-1989-
Weisskopf, Victor Frederick, 1908-2002
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Brooklyn College.
Purdue University.
University of Chicago.
University of Rochester.
Electromagnetic fields.
Electron mobility.
Hot carriers.
Microwave detectors.
Science and industry
Solid state physics.
Solid state physics -- History
Women in science
Oral histories. aat
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Benzer, Seymour.
Bray, Ralph.
Ginzberg, Arthur.
Johnson, Vivian A. (Vivian Annabelle), 1912-
Henriksen, Paul, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA