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Watson, Kenneth M.
Oral history interview with Kenneth M. Watson, 1986 February 10.
Origins of and affiliation with JASON; introduction to practical applications of physics through contact with Marvin Goldberger, Keith Brueckner, and Murray Gell-Mann at Los Alamos; move to Berkeley in 1957. Consulting with Goldberger and Gell-Mann for Convair, and reasons for their desire to form a private consulting firm; approach to the three by John Wheeler, Marvin Stern, and Charles Townes in order to form national security advisory group through Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA). Original JASON members; early projects on detection of nuclear tests; JASON's involvement with other agencies. Also prominently mentioned are: Joel Bengston, Nick Christofilos, Sidney David Drell, Val L. Fitch, David Abraham Katcher, Harold Warren Lewis, Herbert Frank York, Fredrik Zachariasen; and United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Born 1921.
Bengston, Joel.
Brueckner, Keith A.
Christofilos, Nick.
Drell, Sidney D. (Sidney David), 1926-2016-
Fitch, Val L., 1923-
Gell-Mann, Murray.
Goldberger, Marvin L.
Katcher, David Abraham, 1915-2002
Lewis, H. W. (Harold Warren)
Stern, Marvin.
Townes, Charles H.
Watson, Kenneth M.
Wheeler, John Archibald, 1911-2008
York, Herbert F. (Herbert Frank).
Zachariasen, Fredrik.
Institute for Defense Analyses.
JASON Defense Advisory Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory.
United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
University of California, Berkeley.
Military policy.
Nuclear physics.
Nuclear weapons -- Detection.
Science and industry.
Science and state.
United States -- National security.
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Aaserud, Finn interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA