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Stickley, Carlisle Martin, 1933-
Oral history interview with Carlisle Martin Stickley, 1984 September 22.
Laser work at Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory (AFCRL) (Rudolph Bradbury); early work on ruby lasers (Charles H. Townes, John Howard); Department of Defense (DOD) high-energy laser program; Steve Harris and Anthony DeMaria; optical masers and phased array lasers; CO2 laser at Avco-Everett; reform of service laboratories (Peter Schweitzer), 1960s; laser color centers and pump light attenuation (application to rangefinders); interaction with Office of Naval Research; spinoffs of laser research. Laser damage studies at AFCRL (q-switching), instigated by Peter Avizonis and Art Guenther; Raman light (R. K. Chang), development of Optical Parametric Oscillators; simulated Brillouin scattering (George Wolga); tunable laser work (Tony Siegman, Steve Harris); Avco Gas Dynamic Laser (GDL); Erlan Bliss and Dave Milam; Stickley replaced by Howard Schlossberg; dispersion of laser damage group; transfer of laser glass and damage experience to DOE-Livermore. Moves to Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA); Glenn Sherwood, Maurice Sinnot, Ed Gerry, David Mann, Steve Lukasik; Laser Window Program; DARPA interdisciplinary materials science program; Chemical Laser Damage Program (J. A. Harrington). Joins the Department of Energy (DOE) and its laser fusion program; politics and recruitment; Lawrence Livermore Laboratory vs. Los Alamos National Laboratory; DOD vs DOE laboratories. The Strategic Defense Initiative; moves to Battelle Memorial Institute.
Avizonis, Petras V.
Bliss, Erlan
Bradbury, Rudolph
Chang, R. K.
Gerry, Ed
Guenther, Arthur Henry
Harrington, J. A.
Harris, Steve
Howard, John
Lukasik, Stephen J.
Mann, David
Milam, David
Schlossberg, Howard
Schweitzer, Peter
Seigman, Tony
Sherwood, Glenn G.
Sinnot, Maurice
Stickley, Carlisle Martin, 1933-
Townes, Charles H.
Wolga, George
Air Force Cambridge Research Center (U.S.)
Avco-Everett Research Laboratory
Battelle Memorial Institute.
Chemical Laser Damage Program
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory.
United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
United States. Department of Defense
United States. Department of Energy fast
United States. Office of Naval Research
Brillouin scattering.
Lasers -- History.
Optical instruments.
Raman effect.
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Seidel, Robert W. interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA