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Ramsey, Norman, 1915-2011-
Oral history interview with Norman Ramsey, 1983 July 12.
Developments of the technique of separated oscillating fields and the atomic clock. Move to Harvard University from Columbia University and Brookhaven National Laboratory; work at Harvard concentrating on the first molecular beam magnetic resonance apparatus, doctoral thesis of Harwood Kolsky; Jerrold Zacharias and the cesium beam clock; Brookhaven Molecular Beam Conferences (beginning 1947), significant developments in resonance. Also prominently mentioned are: P. I. Dee, Harwood Kolsky, Polykarp Kusch, William Aaron Nierenberg, Pendulchron, Ken Smith, John Hasbrouck Van Vleck, Robert F. Vessot, Earl Wilkie; Brookhaven National Laboratory Molecular Beam Conferences, Fort Monmouth, Frequency Control Symposium, National Science Foundation (U.S.), United States Army Signal Corps, United States National Bureau of Standards, United States Office of Naval Research, and University of California at Berkeley.
Physicist. Served as a member of the Radiation Laboratory from 1940-1943. Relocated to Los Alamos in 1943. Nobel Prize in Physics, 1989, for the invention of the separated oscillatory fields method and its use in the hydrogen maser and other atomic clocks.
Dee, Philip Ivar
Kolsky, Harwood
Kusch, Polykarp, 1911-1993
Nierenberg, William Aaron, 1919-2000-
Ramsey, Norman, 1915-2011-
Smith, Ken
Van Vleck, J. H. (John Hasbrouck), 1899-1980
Vessot, Robert F.
Wilkie, Earl
Zacharias, Jerrold Reinach, 1905-1986
Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Brookhaven National Laboratory. Molecular Beam Committee.
Columbia University
Fort Monmouth (N.J.)
Harvard University.
National Science Foundation (U.S.)
United States. Army. Signal Corps.
United States. National Bureau of Standards
United States. Office of Naval Research
University of California, Berkeley.
Frequency Control Symposium.
Atomic clocks.
Magnetic resonance.
Molecular beams.
Pendulchron (Instrument).
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Forman, Paul interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA