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Nix, Foster Cary, 1905-
Oral history interview with Foster Cary Nix, 1975 June 27.
Mainly concerns Nix's work at Bell Laboratories. Educational background; recollections of John B. Johnson, Nix's work on barriers for gaseous diffusion plants during World War II; physics seminars at Bell Labs in the 1930s, and the relation of Bell Labs to the international physics community. Also prominently mentioned are: John Bardeen, Joseph A. Becker, Hans Albrecht Bethe, Eugene Booth, Walter Bothe, Walter Houser Brattain, Oliver E. Buckley, James Chadwick, Marie Sklodowska Curie, Pierre Curie, Karl Kelchner Darrow, Clinton Joseph Davisson, John R. Dunning, James Brown Fisk, Harvey Fletcher, Lester Halbert Germer, Stephane Groueff, Leslie Richard Groves, Fritz Haber, Werner Heisenberg, Alan Holden, H. E. Ives, Frďřic Joliot-Curie, Mervin J. Kelly, Charles Kittel, Ernest Orlando Lawrence, Sir Nevill Francis Mott, Linus Pauling, Sir Rudolf Ernst Peierls, Robert Wichard Pohl, Isidor Isaac Rabi, William Shockley, John Clarke Slater, Gordon K. Teale, Charles Hard Townes, E. C. Wente, Addison Hughson White, Eugene Paul Wigner, Dean E. Wooldridge; Columbia University, Cornell University, Keley Corporation, Manhattan Project, Reviews of Modern Physics, and University of Alabama.
Bardeen, John.
Becker, Joseph A.
Bethe, Hans A, (Hans Albrecht), 1906-2005
Booth, Eugene.
Bothe, W. (Walther), 1891-
Brattain, Walter H. (Walter Houser), 1902-1987.
Buckley, O. E.
Chadwick, James, 1891-1974
Curie, Marie, 1867-1934.
Curie, Pierre, 1859-1906.
Darrow, Karl K. (Karl Kelchner), 1891-
Davisson, Clinton Joseph, 1881-1958.
Dunning, John R. (John Ray), 1907-1975.
Fisk, James B. (James Brown), 1910-1981.
Fletcher, Harvey, 1884-1981.
Germer, Lester Halbert, 1896-
Groueff, Stp̌hane.
Groves, Leslie R., 1896-1970.
Haber, Fritz, 1868-1934.
Heisenberg, Werner, 1901-1976.
Holden, Alan
Ives, Herbert Eugene, 1882-1953
Johnson, John Bertrand.
Joliot-Curie, Frďřic.
Kelly, Mervin Joe.
Kittel, Charles.
Lawrence, Ernest Orlando, 1901-1958.
Mott, N. F. (Nevill Francis), Sir, 1905-
Nix, Foster Cary, 1905-
Pauling, Linus, 1901-1994
Peierls, Rudolf E. (Rudolf Ernst), 1907-1995
Pohl, Robert Wichard, 1884-1976.
Rabi, I. I. (Isidor Isaac), 1898-1988
Shockley, William, 1910-1989-
Slater, John C, (John Clarke), 1900-1976.
Teal, Gordon K.
Townes, Charles H.
Wente, Edward Christopher.
White, Addison Hughson.
Wigner, Eugene Paul, 1902-1995-
Wooldridge, Dean E.
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Columbia University
Cornell University
Keley Corporation.
Manhattan Project (U.S.)
University of Alabama.
Reviews of modern physics.
Gaseous diffusion plants.
Science and industry.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Science.
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Hoddeson, Lillian, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA