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Naugle, John E.
Oral history interview with John E. Naugle, 1980 August 20.
Rural life in Wyoming and Montana, college years at the University of Minnesota, entrance into particle physics and eventual entrance into balloon studies of cosmic rays and high energy physics. Research at Convair; work at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as scientist and as administrator developing major astronomical missions including Ranger, Viking, Voyager and High Energy Astronomy Observatory (HEAO). Also prominently mentioned are: Clinton Anderson, Jack Clark, Paul Coleman, Freeman Dyson, Phyllis Freier, Harry Goatt, Harry Hess, Ed Hill, Lyndon B. Johnson, Urner Liddel, Frank McDonald, Norman Ness, Homer Edward Newell, Edward Ney, Alfred O. Nier, G. K. O'Neill, Frank Oppenheimer, Robert J. Seamans, Lyman Spitzer, James Van Allen, John Von Neumann, James Webb, Joseph Weinberg, J. B. Weisner; Discoverer (Satellite), General Dynamics Co., Goddard Space Flight Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Langley Research Center, Lunar Orbiter, Mariner (Spacecraft), Martin Marietta Co., National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) Space Science Board, Nuclear Emulsion Recovery Vehicle, Pioneer (Rocket), Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation, United States Air Force, United States Congress, United States Office of Management and Budget, University of California at Los Angeles, Viking (Rocket), and Voyager (Spacecraft).
Born 1923.
Anderson, Clinton Presba, 1895-1975
Clark, Jack
Coleman, Paul
Dyson, Freeman J.
Freier, Phyllis
Goatt, Harry
Hess, Harry Hammond, 1906-1969
Hill, Edward Lee, 1904-1974.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
Liddel, Urner, 1905-
McDonald, Frank
Naugle, John E.
Newell, Homer E. (Homer Edward), 1915-1983
Ness, Norman F.
Ney, Edward Purdy, 1920-
Nier, Alfred O. (Alfred Otto), 1911-1994
O'Neill, Gerard K.
Oppenheimer, Frank, 1912-1985
Seamans, Robert J.
Spitzer, Lyman, 1914-1997
Van Allen, James A. (James Alfred), 1914-2006
Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957.
Webb, James E. (James Edwin), 1906-1992
Weinberg, Joseph W. (Joseph Woodrow), 1917-2002
Weisner, J. B.
General Dynamics Corporation.
Goddard Space Flight Center.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (U.S.)
Langley Research Center.
Martin Marietta Corporation.
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) Space Science Board.
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Study group : U.S.)
TRW Inc.
United States. Air Force
United States. Congress.
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
United States. Office of Management and Budget.
University of California, Los Angeles.
University of Michigan.
Discoverer (Satellite)
High Energy Astronomy Observatory
Lunar orbiter (Spacecraft)
Mariner (Spacecraft)
Nuclear Emulsion Recovery Vehicle.
Pioneer (Rocket)
Unidentified flying objects.
Viking rockets
Voyager (Spacecraft).
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DeVorkin, David H., 1944- interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA