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Manley, John Henry, 1907-
Oral history interview with John Henry Manley, 1976 July 9 and 11.
Family background and early education in Illinois. Undergraduate at University of Illinois in electrical engineering; graduates in engineering physics, 1929. Joins General Electric, 1929-1930. General Electric cutbacks; Manley gets instructorship at University of Michigan (Saul Dushman), 1931-1930. Ph.D. (O. Stanley Duffendack), 1934. Columbia University, 1934-1957. Comparisons of Illinois, Michigan and Columbia. Early research at Columbia, Isidor I. Rabi (inhomogeneous magnetic field). Relationship with John R. Dunning; Merle Tuve; comments on staff at Columbia. Neutron resonance work with Julian Schwinger. Returning to Illinois to do neutron research, 1937; the accelerator program (Leland Haworth), 1939. Discussion of research projects. Effects of war work recruiting. Leave of absence in January 1942 to join the Manhattan Engineering District (Chicago). Discussion of the technical work. J. Robert Oppenheimer's assistant, 1942; political views. Origins of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (LASL), Edwin McMillan; comments on Leslie Groves. Manley's recruiting scientists to Los Alamos (LASL). The amazing relationship and working together of scientists at LASL. Liaison in Groves' office during the Hiroshima bombing. Comments on University of California's role in LASL. Associate professor at Washington University, St. Louis, 1946-1947. Leaves to take on Oppenheimer's General Advisory Committee. Relationship with Norris Bradbury while physics division leader at LASL; postwar weapons development. Defining the problems to be investigated in the physics division. Manhattan District's determination of policy, 1946. Duties as General Advisory Committee Secretary; as associate director, 1947. The H-Bomb controversy; relationship with Edward Teller, Brian McMahon; involvement in the H-Bomb controversy. Leaves LASL 1951 for professorship at Washington University, Seattle, 1951-1957. Resigns from General Advisory Committee. Reason for returning as research adviser at LASL; postwar relations between University of Calofornia and LASL.
Bradbury, Norris, 1909-1997.
Duffendack, Ora S. (Ora Stanley), 1890
Groves, Leslie R., 1896-1970
Haworth, Leland J. (Leland John), 1904-
Manley, John Henry, 1907-
McMillan, Edwin M. (Edwin Mattison), 1907-
Schwinger, Julian, 1918-1994.
Teller, Edward, 1908-2003
Tuve, Merle Antony, 1901-1982.
Rabi, I. I. (Isidor Isaac), 1898-1988
Columbia University
General Electric Company.
Los Alamos National Laboratory.
University of California, Berkeley.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Michigan.
University of Washington.
Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.)
Atomic bomb
Electrical engineering.
Hydrogen bomb.
Linear accelerators.
Magnetic fields.
Manhattan Project (U.S.)
Military research.
Nuclear weapons.
Neutron resonance.
Physical laboratories -- Research.
Physics -- Study and teaching.
Science and state.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Science.
Oral histories. aat
Interviews. aat
Transcripts. aat
Dushman, Saul.
McMahon, Brien, 1903-1952.
Norberg, Arthur L. (Arthur Lawrence), 1938- interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA