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Fowler, William A.
Oral history interview with William Alfred Fowler, 1972 June 8, 9, 1973 February 5, 6, and 1974 May 30.
Early education and career; graduate training at Caltech, with Charles C. Lauritsen's group; collaboration at Kellogg Laboratory, structure of Caltech physics department after 1939. Relationships with J. Robert Oppenheimer and Lauritsen. Fowler's and Caltech's war work, Lauritsen's role in setting up Office of Naval Research (0NR) for federally funded postwar research. Postwar career at Caltech; federal funding for research, relationships among Caltech, Jet Propulsion Lab and ONR. Work through 1950 in nuclear physics, astrophysics, element synthesis in stars, influence of Hans A. Bethe, Jesse Greenstein; Ira Bowen/Lauritsen seminars; astronomical observations. Fellowship to Cavendish Laboratory, 1954-1955; beginning of collaboration with Frederich Hoyle and Geoffrey Burbidge; return to Caltech, further work on stellar element synthesis with Burbidges, personalities of G. Burbidge and F. Hoyle; contemporary views on cosmology. Work in realistic astrophysics in the 1960s; continuing collaboration with Hoyle; position of Caltech and Kellogg Lab in physics and radio astronomy, work on government committees. Concludes with highlights of career. Also prominently mentioned are: Margaret Burbidge, Horace Richard Crane, Albert Einstein, Richard Phillips Feynman, Robert Andrews Millikan, Martin Ryle, Edwin Ernest Salpeter, Leonard Schiff, Maarten Schmidt, Hans S ss, Kip S. Thorne, Richard Chace Tolman, Merle Antony Tuve, Harold Clayton Urey, Ernest Watson, Ward Whaling; National Science Board (U.S.), National Science Foundation (U.S.), Ohio State University, and University of Cambridge.
Physicist (nuclear physics, astrophysics). Died 1995.
Bethe, Hans A, (Hans Albrecht), 1906-2005
Bowen, Ira Sprague, 1898-1973
Burbidge, E. Margaret
Burbidge, Geoffrey R.
Crane, H. R. (Horace Richard), 1907-2007
Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
Feynman, Richard P. (Richard Phillips), 1918-1988
Fowler, William A.
Greenstein, Jesse L. (Jesse Leonard), 1909-2002-
Hoyle, Fred, 1915-2001
Lauritsen, Charles Christian, 1892-1968.
Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953.
Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1904-1967
Ryle, Martin, 1918-1984-
Salpeter, Edwin E.
Schiff, Leonard I. (Leonard Isaac), 1915-1971
Schmidt, Maarten, 1929-
S ss, Hans
Thorne, Kip S.
Tolman, Richard C. (Richard Chace), 1881-1948
Tuve, Merle Antony, 1901-1982.
Urey, Harold Clayton, 1893-1981
Watson, Ernest C
Whaling, Ward, 1923-
California Institute of Technology
Cavendish Laboratory (Cambridge, England)
National Science Board (U.S.).
National Science Foundation (U.S.)
United States. Office of Naval Research
University of Cambridge.
Astronomy. -- Observations
Federal aid to research.
Nuclear physics.
Physical laboratories -- Administration.
Physics -- Military aspects.
Radio astronomy.
Research grants
Science consultants.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Science.
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Weiner, Charles interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA