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Biermann, Ludwig, 1907-1986.
Oral history interview with Ludwig Franz Benedikt Biermann, 1984 February 16.
Family and early education in Westphalia; early interest in astronomy. Studies architecture in Hanover, 1926; spectroscopy with Gustav Mie in Freiburg, 1927-1928. In Gt̲tingen studies mathematics and chemistry, thesis advisor Ludwig Prandtl. Comments on Henry N. Russell's work on Chemical Composition of Stars, on Arthur S. Eddington's Internal Constitution of Stars and on own works on the subject (Thomas G. Cowling). The recognition of high chemical abundance of hydrogen in stars, 1939 (before the publication of Carl Friedrich von Weizsc̃ker's and Hans Bethe's works). Theoretical plasma efforts in astrophysics (Robert Rompe und Max Steenbeck); recognition of importance of cosmic magnetic fields (Arnulf Schl ter); computer construction (Heinz Billing, Otto Hahn). Reorganization of the scientific establishment in Germany (Otto Hahn): Biermann becomes head of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft's Institute for Quantum Chemistry, comments on duties and obligations as a leader, travels to the U.S. Reflections on most important scientific contributions, later works mainly on comets, comments on K. W. Michel.
Bethe, Hans A, (Hans Albrecht), 1906-2005
Biermann, Ludwig, 1907-1986.
Eddington, Arthur Stanley, Sir, 1882-1944.
Hahn, Otto.
Russell, Henry Norris, 1877-1957
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Fr̲derung der Wissenschaften.
Universitt̃ Gt̲tingen.
Astronomical spectroscopy
Astrophysics -- Study and teaching -- Germany.
Plasma astrophysics.
Interstellar matter.
Stars -- Structure.
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Billing, Heinz.
Cowling, T. G. (Thomas George)
Michel, K. W.
Mie, Gustav.
Prandtl, Ludwig, 1875-1953.
Rompe, Robert.
Schl ter, Arnulf.
Steenbeck, Max.
Weizsc̃ker, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1912-2007-
Universitt̃ Freiburg.
Harwit, Martin, 1931- interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA