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Amaldi, Edoardo.
Oral history interview with Edoardo Amaldi, 1982 December 10.
Amaldi emphasizes that his concerns were not solely directed to the development of nuclear and particle physics; he was also interested in the development of solid state physics, even though this was not his field. Amaldi recalls disagreements between Fausto Fumi and Luigi Giulotto, which prompted Fumi to leave Italy again and go to England. Amaldi traces the origin of Giulotto's antipathy to Istituto nazionale di fisica nucleare.
Amaldi, Edoardo
Fumi, Fausto Gherardo
Giulotto, Luigi, 1911-1986.
American Institute of Physics) Center for History of Physics
Istituto nazionale di fisica nucleare.
Nuclear physics.
Particles (Nuclear physics)
Solid state physics -- History
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Belloni, Lanfranco, interviewer.
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