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Usikov, A. I A . (Aleksandr I A kovlevich)
Oral history interview with Alexandr IAkovlevich Usikov, 1994 August to September.
In this interview Usikov describes the development of radiophysical science in Ukraine from 1926 until 1994 and his contribution to the research. Discusses work in the Ukranian Physiko-Technical Institute Radiophysical Laboratory (headed by Abram Slutzkin), 1932-1955, including development of magnetrons in USSR, creation of the first Soviet impulse radiolokators "Zenith" and "Rubin", and postwar work of electronics department of Kharkiv Physical-Technical Institute. Also mentions creation and work radiophysical department of Kharkiv Physical-Technical Institute; creation and work of Institute of Radiophysics of Ukrainian Academy of Science; the Institute of Radiophysics (1955-1973) under Uskov's directorship, and with Viktor Shestopalov as director (1973-1994). Also discusses work of the separate acoustics laboratory and Academican Boris E. Paton.
Physicist (radio physics and electronics). Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Science; first director of Radiophysics Institute in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He died in 1995.
Paton, B. E. (Boris Evgenevich), 1918-
Shestopalov, V. P.
Slutskin, Abram.
Usikov, A. IA. (Alexandr IAkovievich), 1904-
Akademiia nauk Ukran̐y.
Khar kovski fiziko-tekhnicheski institut
Ukrainian Physico-Technical Institute (Karkov). Radiophysical Laboratory.
Physicists -- Ukraine.
Physicists -- Soviet Union.
Oral histories. aat
Ranyuk, Yuri, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA