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Glen, William, 1932-
William Glen's project in the history of the mass-extinction debates: oral history interviews, 1984-1994.
This collection of oral history interviews documents the often controversial debate over possible astronomical or geophysical causes for the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. The materials provide a detailed account of a scientific debate in progress. Astronomers, paleontologists, geologists, etc. were interviewed, many at intervals, throughout the controversy. The more than 120 Interviewees include: Thomas J. Ahrens, Luis Alvarez, Walter Alvarez, Edward Anders, Frank Asaro, Bruce Bohor, William Clemens, Vincent Courtillot, Charles Drake, Stephen Jay Gould, Joseph T. Gregory, Erle G. Kauffman, Richard A. Muller, Walter Munk, David Raup, John Sepkoski, Herbert Shaw, and many others.
Geologist, paleontologist (stratigraphy). Professor of geology, College of San Mateo, California (1957-present); instructor in paleontology, University of California, Berkeley (1963-1964); registered geologist in private practice (1967-1979).
Dinosaurs -- Extinction.
Extinction (Biology)
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Albritton, Claude C., 1913-1988
Arthur, Michael A.
Billingham, John, 1930-2013
Buffington, Andrew.
Chao, E. C. T.
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Hickey, Leo J.
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Hut, Piet, 1952-
Jablonski, David, 1953-
Keller, Gerta.
Kennett, James P.
Kyte, Frank Thomas, 1949-
Landis, Gary P.
Loeblich, Alfred R. (Alfred Richard), 1914-
Loper, David E.
Lowrie, William, 1939-
Maurrasse, Florentin J-M. R.
McLaren, D. J. (Digby J.)
Morgan, Jason Phipps
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Tappan, Helen Nina, 1917-
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Turekian, Karl K.
Van Valen, Leigh M.
Xu, Daoyi.
Glen, William, 1932- Interviewer.
Cudaback, David Dill, 1929-
Depaulo, Donald.
Kerr, Richard.
Lewis, Roy Stephen, 1944-
Maddox, John,
Matese, John J. 1938-
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American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA