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Sundrum, Raman
Oral history interview with Raman Sundrum, 2007 June 29.
Professor Raman Sundrum describes his work in theoretical particle physics over the last decade and a half, or so. This work consists of analyzing new Feynman diagrams and modifying general relativity so that it is frame dependent. Sundrum says that he was not surprised by the 1998 discovery of dark energy, because all of his theorizing had already included a nonzero cosmological constant.
Ph.D. in elementary particle theory, Yale University (1990); professor in the department of physics and astronomy, Johns Hopkins University. Research is in theoretical particle physics and focuses on theoretical mechanisms and observable implications of extra spacetime dimensions, supersymmetry, and strongly coupled dynamics.
Sundrum, Raman
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Pavlish, Ursula Rattay, interviewer.
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