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Livingood, John J. (John Jacob), 1903-
Oral history interview with John J. Livingood, 1977 May 16.
Some family background; born 1903 in Ohio. Early interest in science, builds radio transmitter in 1910. Attends Middlesex Boarding School. To Princeton University, 1925; undergraduate studies (philosophy); graduate studies (physics), Ph.D., (Allan Shenstone, thesis adviser) 1929. Instructor of physics, Princeton; 1929-1932. At University of California at Berkeley as Research Associate (Ernest O. Lawrence), 1932; works with Robert Brode on technetium line in x-ray spectrum (Emilio Segr)̈; works with David Sloan on the glass linear accelerator. About Lawrence and Stanley Livingston interactions with other physicists; comments on Sloan, Charles Litton. Work on deuteron-induced radioactivities (Physical Review, 1936); radioactivity by bombardment (Electronics, 1935). Works with Arthur Shell. Radiation Laboratory's influence on the Physics Department; research projects at the Laboratory; Lawrence as leader. Importance of the cyclotron (Hans Bethe, Milton E. Rose). Lawrence's Laboratory as early example of team physics. To Harvard University as teacher and builder of cyclotron (with Kenneth Bainbridge and Roger Hickman), 1939-1942. Joins the Radio Research Laboratory. Laboratory instructor and lecturer; war work: radar-jamming; Project Tuba assistant director, 1945; Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids. Laser research, 1945-1952; builds two 60-inch cyclotrons for Brookhaven and Argonne National Laboratories; radio astronomy telescopes. Associate director at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), 1952; works with Morton Hamermesh. Director of Particle Accelerator Division, 1956-1958; ANL constructing a big synchrotron. Discussion of Livingood involvement in the conflicts at ANL and Midwestern University Research Association. Constraints on machines; accelerator designs. Physics and society. Appendix: Livingood's review of N. P. Davis, Lawrence and Oppenheimer (1968).
Bainbridge, Kenneth T. (Kenneth Tompkins), 1904-1996.
Bethe, Hans A, (Hans Albrecht), 1906-2005
Lawrence, Ernest Orlando, 1901-1958.
Livingood, John J. (John Jacob), 1903-
Segr,̈ Emilio.
Argonne National Laboratory. Particle Accelerator.
Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Harvard University. Radio Research Laboratory.
Lawrence Radiation Laboratory.
Princeton University.
Radio telescopes
X-rays -- Spectra.
Linear accelerators.
Physical laboratories -- Research.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Science.
Radar confusion reflectors.
Science and industry.
Science and state.
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Brode, Robert B. (Robert Bigham), 1900-1986
Davis, Nuel Pharr.
Hamermesh, M. (Morton), 1915-2003
Hickman, Roger.
Litton, Charles.
Livingston, M. Stanley (Milton Stanley)
Rose, Milton E.
Shell, Arthur.
Shenstone, Allen Goodrich.
Sloan, David.
Collins Radi Co.
Midwestern Universities Research Association
Project Tuba.
Norberg, Arthur L. (Arthur Lawrence), 1938- interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA