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Goldhaber, Gerson
Oral history interview with Gerson Goldhaber, 2007 July 30.
Gerson Goldhaber describes the milestones and turning point in the Supernova Cosmology Project's history; the discovery of the first supernova after three years, then discovering batches of supernovae at a time, the use of a 10 meter Keck telescope to get spectra taken. Goldhaber describes his tables of supernovae. He explains how two images are taken each time when searching for supernovae, to avoid hot pixels, cosmic rays, and asteroids in the data. Goldhaber's discovery of a peak in the data, shown in Santa Barbara on December 14, 1997. Comparison of this method to Goldhaber's previous particle physics work. Explanation of tables he made of the data.
(1924-2010) German-born American particle physicist and astrophysicist. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (1950); one of the discoverers of the meson which confirmed the existence of the charm quark; worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the Supernova Cosmology Project and was a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley.
Goldhaber, Gerson
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