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De Vaucouleurs, Gřard, 1918-1995
Oral history interview with Gerard de Vaucouleurs, 1988 November 7.
Interview discusses Gerard de Vaucouleur's childhood in Paris and family background; early reading; membership in the French Astronomical Society; early work on astronomical catalogues; work at the Paris planetarium in 1937; undergraduate work at the University of Paris; education at the Sorbonne; introduction to Julien Peridier; early work in astronomical photography; discussion of French astronomy in the 1930s; early attitude toward the big bang model; work at the Sorbonne; move to the new Institute of Astrophysics in 1945; work on the r1/4 law for the brightness distribution in galaxies; work on the supercluster of galaxies in the 1950s; influence of Vera Rubin's work; community's reception of de Vaucouleurs's work on the supercluster and his challenge of the assumption of large-scale homogeneity; interaction with Fritz Zwicky; attitude toward the Center for Astrophysics (CfA) redshift surveys by de Lapparent, Margaret Geller, and John Huchra; a hierarchical model for the universe; discussion of the meaning of homogeneity; attitudes toward the horizon problem, the inflationary universe model, dark matter, the flatness problem, work on the very early universe, and the big bang model; relationship of theory and observation; the ideal design of the universe; the question of whether the universe has a point.
Ph.D. from the University of Paris (1949); has worked at the Australian National University (1951-1954), the Yale-Columbia Southern Station (1954-1957), the Lowell Observatory (1957-1958) and the Harvard College Observatory (1958-1960); joined the department of astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin in 1960 and was professor of astronomy there since 1964; research interests include photography, photographic photometry, variable stars, novae and supernovae, planetary studies, extragalactic astronomy, and cosmology.
De Vaucouleurs, Gřard, 1918-1995
Geller, Margaret J.
Huchra, John P.
Rubin, Vera C., 1928-2016
Zwicky, F. (Fritz), 1898-1974
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Universit ̌de Paris.
Astronomical photography.
Astronomical photometry
Big bang theory
Dark matter (Astronomy)
Inflationary universe.
Red shift
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Lightman, Alan P., 1948-, interviewer.
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