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Fisher, Leon H. (Leon Harold), 1918-
Oral history interview with Leon H. Fisher and Robert N. Varney, 2008 July 26.
In this interview Leon Fisher and Robert Varney discuss topics such as: Leonard Loeb; Willliam Allis; Sandy Brown; New York University; Wayne Nottingham; Julius Molnar; Phillip Morse; people from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Bell Laboratories; Brookhaven National Laboratory; Norris Bradbury; Dan Alpert; Gerhard Weissler; Lockheed Corporation; John A. Hornbeck; Ben Bederson; Homer Hagstrum; microwaves; radar development; T. D. Lee; Alfred Von Engel; Army Research Office; Office of Naval Research; Air Force Office of Scientific Research; ionized gases; Ted Holstein; cosmic rays; neutrons; Lester Germer; Ronald Geballe; gas discharges; American Physical Society; Karl Darrow; William Shockley.
Leon Harold Fisher (1918- ): American physicist; professor at New York University (NYU); worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory during World War II working on detonators for the atomic bomb; worked at Lockheed Corporation.
Robert N. Varney (1911-2011): American physicist; professor of physics, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri; worked at Lockheed Corporation.
Allis, William P. (William Phelps), 1901-1999
Alpert, D. J.
Bederson, Benjamin
Bradbury, Norris, 1909-1997.
Brown, Sanborn C. (Sanborn Conner), 1913-1981
Darrow, Karl K. (Karl Kelchner), 1891-
Fisher, Leon H. (Leon Harold), 1918-
Geballe, Ronald, 1918-
Germer, Lester Halbert, 1896-
Hagstrum, Homer D.
Holstein, Theodore David, 1915-1985
Hornbeck, John A.
Lee, T. D., 1926-
Loeb, Leonard B. (Leonard Benedict), 1891-
Molnar, Julius P. (Julius Paul)
Morse, Philip M. (Philip McCord), 1903-1985
Nottingham, Wayne B. (Wayne Buckles), 1899-
Shockley, William, 1910-1989
Varney, Robert N.
Von Engel, A.
Weissler, G. L.
American Physical Society
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New York University
United States. Air Force. Office of Scientific Research
United States. Army Research Office
United States. Office of Naval Research
Cosmic rays
Ionized gases.
Plasma (Ionized gases)
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Cameron, Gary L., interviewer.
Varney, Robert N., interviewee.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA