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Flanagan, Dennis, 1919-2005
Oral history interview with Dennis Flanagan, 1986.
In this interview, Dennis Flanagan discusses his life and career. Topics discussed include: childhood in Philadelphia; stepfather's influence on early interest in astronomy; "Life" magazine: office clerk, editorial researcher, military photo copywriter, recollections of colleagues; decision to become science writer; reflections on typical science writer; purchase, restructuring of Scientific American: advertising, competition with other magazines, impact on field of scientific writing; evolution of magazine from 19th century to mid-1980's: format, writing style, composition and responsibilities of staff; scientists initial hesitation to write for magazine; treatment of nuclear issues: declassification of Hans Bethe's article on the atomic bomb, conflict with Atomic Energy Commission over publication; discussion of science magazines throughout 20th century.
Editor of Scientific American (1947-1984).
Flanagan, Dennis, 1919-2005
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