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Seitz, Frederick, 1911-2008
Oral history interview with Frederick Seitz, 1994 July 19.
Oral history interview with Frederick Seitz. Topics and people discussed include: Roger Adams, Armand Committee Report, Wallace Atwood Jr., L. F. Audrieth, Lloyd Berkner, Wallace R. Brode, Detlev Bronk, Stewart S. Cairns, Marshall Chadwell, Ralph Clark, Douglas Cornell, Bill Everett, Samuel Goudsmit, Hubert Humphrey, George Kistiakowsky, Joseph Koepfli, Willard Machle, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Ralph Osborne, Edgar Piret, powder metallurgy, Norman Ramsey; Louis Rideneour, H. P. Robertson, Sheppard Stone, Philip G. Strong, John Turkevich, Karl H. Weber, Merrett White, Walter Whitman, and Dael Woefle.
American physicist. Ph.D. Princeton University (1934). Professional experience includes: chairman, American Institute of Physics (1954-1959); chairman, American Physical Society (1961); head of physics department, dean of graduate school, vice-president of research, University of Illinois (1949-1968); president, National Academy of Sciences (1962-1969); board of trustees, president, president emeritus, Rockefeller University (1966-2008); member, Institute for Defense Analyses (1970-2008); member, National Cancer Advisory Board (1972-1974, 1977-2008); vice-chairman, board of overseers, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (1978-2008).
Adams, Roger, 1889-1971.
Audrieth, L. F. (Ludwig Frederick), 1901-
Berkner, Lloyd V. (Lloyd Viel), 1905-1967
Brode, Wallace R. (Wallace Reed), 1900-1974.
Bronk, Detlev W. (Detlev Wulf), 1897-1975
Cairns, Stewart S. (Stewart Scott)
Cornell, Douglas
Goudsmit, Samuel A. (Samuel Abraham), 1902-1978
Humphrey, Hubert H. (Hubert Horatio), 1911-1978.
Kistiakowsky, George B. (George Bogdan), 1900-1982
Koepfli, Joseph B.
Machle, Willard
Piret, Edgar L.
Ramsey, Norman, 1915-2011-
Ridenour, Louis N. (Louis Nicot), 1911-1959.
Robertson, H. P. (Howard Percy), 1903-1961
Seitz, Frederick, 1911-2008
Turkevich, John, 1907-
Whitman, Walter G. (Walter George), b.1874.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Powder metallurgy
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Doel, Ronald Edmund, interviewer.
Needell, Allan A., interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA