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Pound, Robert V.
Oral history interview with Robert V. Pound, 2006 September 23, November 4, 18, 2007 February 19 and April 22.
Interview with Robert V. Pound done in 5 sessions. Topics discussed include: Henry Torrey; Pound's physics degree earned at University of Buffalo, where his father was a physics professor; I. I. Rabi's, Jerold Zacharias' and A. G. Hill's roles as superiors and mentors in Radiation Laboratory days and in early nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) work; his interactions with Otto Frisch, Lise Meitner, Victor Weisskopf, John Van Vleck, George Pake; his start in amateur radio; his professorship at Harvard and his objection to core curriculum; his Submarine Signal Company sonar and radar work; the Tizard mission; E. G. Bowen; his time as chair of Harvard physics department; molecular beams and magnetic resonance; C. J. Gorter's summer at Harvard; Alfred Loomis; Erwin Hahn and spin echoes; signal to noise work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Bell Laboratories; NMR amplifier; gravitational redshift experiments, 1960-1964; use of cyclotrons to make radioactive sources; Joe Snyder, Robert Dickey; competition with the Harwell Group on gravitational redshift; George Gamow; Ed Condon; year at Oxford; Olah Bohr; John Tate; Francis Bitter; and Luis Alvarez; classical versus quantum mechanics; C. P. Snow and Lord Charwell.
(1919-2010): American physicist who helped discover nuclear magnetic resonance and who devised the famous Pound-Rebka experiment supporting general relativity.
Alvarez, Luis W., 1911-1988-
Bitter, Francis, 1902-1967.
Bowen, E. G.
Condon, Edward Uhler, 1902-1974.
Frisch, Otto Robert, 1904-
Gamow, George, 1904-1968.
Gorter, C. J. (Cornelis Jacobus), 1907-
Hahn, E. L. (Erwin Louis), 1921-
Hill, A. G. (Albert Gordon), 1910-1996.
Loomis, Alfred L. (Alfred Lee), 1887-1975.
Meitner, Lise, 1878-1968.
Pake, G. E. (George Edward)
Pound, Robert V.
Rabi, I. I. (Isidor Isaac), 1898-1988
Snow, C. P. (Charles Percy), 1905-1980
Snyder, Joseph J.
Tate, John T. (John Torrence), 1889-1950
Torrey, Henry Cutler, 1911-
Weisskopf, Victor Frederick, 1908-2002
Van Vleck, J. H. (John Hasbrouck), 1899-1980
Zacharias, Jerrold Reinach, 1905-1986
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Harvard University.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Radiation Laboratory.
Raytheon Company. Submarine Signal Division
University of Buffalo.
University of Oxford.
Molecular beams.
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Quantum theory.
Red shift
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Pavlish, Ursula Rattay, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA