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Sandage, Allan
Oral history interview with Allan Sandage, 1974 May 16.
In this interview, Allan Sandage discusses his career and the history of the Hale Observatories. Topics discussed include: astronomy; cosmology; Mount Wilson Observatory; Palomar Observatory; Edwin Hubble; Walter Baade; Rudolph Minkowski; expanding universe; Fritz Zwicky; red shift; Willem de Sitter; Friedmann solutions; Milton Humason; stellar evolution; H-R diagram; Martin Schwarzschild; Hermann Bondi; virial theorem; James Stokley; Aldous Huxley's "Young Archimedes"; University of Miami; California Institute of Technology; Richard Feynman; service in the Navy; Richard C. Tolman; Jesse Greenstein; Morton Roberts; Crab nebula; photometry; S. Chandrasekhar; Mario Schoenberg; quasars; Thomas Matthews; Owens Valley Radio Observatory; globular clusters; Cepheids; J. P. Ostriker; black holes; Jǹos Bolyai; W. K. Clifford; Knut Lundmark; Ralph Kronig; Wolfgang Pauli; George Uhlenbeck; Las Campanas Observatory.
American astronomer. Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1953). Professional experience includes: astronomer, staff member emeritus, Carnegie Observatory (1956-2010); senior resident scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute (1987-2010).
Baade, Walter, 1893-1960
Bolyai, Jǹos, 1802-1860
Bondi, Hermann
Chandrasekhar, S. (Subrahmanyan), 1910-1995
Clifford, William Kingdon, 1845-1879
Feynman, Richard P. (Richard Phillips), 1918-1988
Greenstein, Jesse L. (Jesse Leonard), 1909-2002-
Hardy, G. H. (Godfrey Harold) 1877-1947.
Hubble, Edwin, 1889-1953
Humason, Milton L. (Milton La Salle), 1891-1972
Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963
Kronig, R. (Ralph), 1904-
Lundmark, Knut, 1889-1958
Matthews, T. A. (Thomas A.)
Minkowski, Rudolph Leo Bernhard, 1895-1976.
Ostriker, J. P.
Pauli, Wolfgang, 1900-1958
Roberts, Morton S.
Sandage, Allan
Schoenberg, Mario, 1914-1990
Schwarzschild, Martin
Sitter, Willem de
Stokley, James, 1900-1990
Tolman, Richard C. (Richard Chace), 1881-1948
Uhlenbeck, George Eugn̈e, 1900-1988
Zwicky, F. (Fritz), 1898-1974
California Institute of Technology
Hale Observatories
Las Campanas Observatory
Mount Wilson and Las Campanas Observatories
Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories
Mount Wilson Observatory
Owens Valley Radio Observatory
Palomar Observatory
United States. Navy
University of Miami
Astronomical photometry
Black holes (Astronomy)
Expanding universe.
HR diagrams
Red shift
Stars -- Evolution
Virial theorem
Crab Nebula
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Wright, Paul interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA