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Von Hippel, Arthur R. (Arthur Robert), 1898-
Oral history interview with Arthur von Hippel, 1981 October 6.
Topics discussed include: family background; von Hippel's time at Gottingen and lectures by Max Born and James Franck; his fellowship at Berkeley; Leonard Loeb; work on his dissertation on charge phenomena in gases and discharge phenomena in solds and liquids; Richard Pohl; Edward Teller; Niels Bohr; Karl Compton; Herbert Frolich and the development of dielectric data for radar; Frederick Seitz; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; John Slater; R. J. Seeger; solid state physics.
Arthur R. von Hippel (1898-2003): German American materials scientist and physicist. Pioneer in the study of dielectrics, ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic materials, and semiconductors and was a codeveloper of radar in World War II.
Bohr, Niels, 1885-1962
Born, Max, 1882-1970
Compton, K. T. (Karl Taylor), 1887-1954.
Franck, James, 1882-1964.
Frh̲lich, H. (Herbert), 1905-
Loeb, Leonard B. (Leonard Benedict), 1891-
Pohl, Robert Wichard, 1884-1976.
Seeger, Raymond John, 1906-
Seitz, Frederick, 1911-2008
Slater, John C, (John Clarke), 1900-1976
Teller, Edward, 1908-2003
Von Hippel, Arthur R. (Arthur Robert), 1898-
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Universitt̃ Gt̲tingen
University of California, Berkeley.
Dipole moments
Solid state physics.
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Keith, Stephen T., interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA