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Haramundanis, Katherine, 1937-
Oral history interview with Kathy Haramundanis, 2005 October 20.
As the daughter of astronomers Sergei Gaposchkin and Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, this interview covers her home life in Lexington, Mass., and growing up in the atmosphere of the Harvard College Observatory in the 1940s and 1950s. Discussion includes her relationships with parents and siblings; caring for Peter Gaposchkin; exposure to astronomy, career plans, interest in languages, decision to attend Swarthmore in 1954; studying Russian and Russian culture; early contacts with Harvard faculty and students - Jesse Greenstein and R. N. Thomas; mother's relations with Whipple and Menzel; Shapley's retirement; mother's interest in moving to University of Chicago; recollections of Bart Bok; changes at Harvard College Observatory; recollections of Sputnik; meeting John Haramundanis and his work in mathematics; Yoshihido Kozai; being hired by Smithsonian in 1958; satellite tracking and analysis of satellite positions and brightness; growth of Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and its working atmosphere; star catalogue work and the reduction of systematic errors in the FK4 system; sense of competition with her mother; shift to the Celescope Project at Whipple's request just before launch in 1968; role in data production; identifying star fields and filter reductions; Camera 2 failure; reduction protocols; recollection of Robert Davis; calibration problems drew HCO staff attention; Charles Lundquist and Andrew Young's involvement, mother's reaction to calibration problems and inaccurate data.
Bok, Bart J. (Bart Jan), 1906-1983
Davis, Robert J, (Robert James), 1929-
Gaposchkin, Sergei, 1898-
Greenstein, Jesse L. (Jesse Leonard), 1909-2002-
Haramundanis, Katherine, 1937-
Kozai, Yoshihide, 1928-
Lundquist, Charles A.
Menzel, Donald H. (Donald Howard), 1901-1976
Payne-Gaposchkin, Cecilia, 1900-1979-
Shapley, Harlow, 1885-1972.
Thomas, Richard N., 1921-1996
Whipple, Fred L. (Fred Lawrence), 1906-2004
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DeVorkin, David H., 1944-, interviewer.
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