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Titze, Ingo R.
Oral history interview with Ingo Titze, 2009 May 19.
Born in Eastern Germany in 1941, Dr. Titze discusses his family life, childhood, and moving to the United States. Describes entering the University of Utah where he earned the Bachelors and Masters degrees in electrical engineering; discusses working in private industry following graduation. Comments on his desire to combine his passion for science with his love for singing, and how that led to his doctoral research on the nature of vocal fold vibration, and his long, productive career in voice science.
Ingo R. Titze, 1941- . A leading voice scientist, Professor of Speech, Science and Voice, University of Iowa. Although he was formally educated as a physicist (Ph.D.) and engineer (M.S.E.E.), Dr. Titze has applied his scientific knowledge to a lifelong love of clinical voice and vocal music. His research interests include biomechanics of human tissues, acoustic phonetics, speech science, voice disorders, professional voice production, musical acoustics, and the computer simulation of voice.
Titze, Ingo R.
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Story, Brad H., interviewer.
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