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McKinney, Chester M.
Oral history interview with Chester M. McKinney, 2002 October 22.
In this interview Chester McKinney discusses his family and education, his association with the Acoustical Society of America, his military service and training, his work while director of the Applied Research Laboratories, work on U.S. Navy Committees, and teaching at Texas Tech University. Topics discussed include Applied Research Laboratories (formerly Defense Research Laboratories), The University of Texas at Austin; Acoustical Society of America; Richard Lane; Paul Boner; childhood interest in radio and electronics; East Texas State Teachers College; M. Y. Colby; Army Signal Corps training at Fort Monmouth; radar training; Harvard University; S. L. Brown; Claude Horton; Robert Watson; Office of Naval Research; acoustics and reciprocity; Arthur E. Lockenvitz; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL); Texas Tech University; Tracor; Applied Reararch Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University; Balcones Research Center; Norman Hackerman.
American physicist (underwater acoustics). Ph.D. physics, University of Texas (1950). Professional experience includes: associate professor, Texas Tech University (1950-1953); research physicist, director of Applied Research Laboratories, University of Texas (1945-2002).
Boner, Charles Paul, 1900-1979.
Brown, S. Leroy
Colby, M. Y. (Malcolm Young), 1892-
Hackerman, Norman
Horton, C. W. (Claude Wendell), 1942-
Lane, Richard N.
Lockenvitz, Arthur E.
McKinney, Chester M.
Watson, Robert B.
Acoustical Society of America
Balcones Research Center
East Texas State Teachers College
Harvard University.
Johns Hopkins University. Applied Physics Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University. Applied Research Laboratory
Texas Tech University
Tracor, inc.
United States. Army. Signal Corps
United States. Office of Naval Research
University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Austin. Applied Research Laboratories.
Acoustics -- Research.
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Blackstock, David T. interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA