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Bennett, William Ralph, 1930-2008.
Oral history interview with William R. Bennett, 1987 October 26.
In this interview, William R. Bennett discusses his work with lasers. Topics discussed include: helium neon laser; Ali Javan; Donald Herriott; Columbia University; Yale University; Air Reduction Company (Airco); Linde Air Products Company; Hugh Robinson; Lewis B. Headrick; Ora S. Duffendack; Bell Labs; Harrie Stewart Wilson Massey; Eric Henry Stoneley Burhop; Allan C. G. Mitchell; Mark W. Zemansky; Rudolf Walter Ladenburg; Sidney Millman; Technical Measurement Corporation; Ted Geballe; Conyers Herring; A. L. Schawlow; Henry Scovil; Harry Nyquist; Jim Gordon; Gardner Fox; Tingye Li; E. I. Gordon; G. D. Boyd; A. F. Turner; Bausch & Lomb Laboratories; Technical Research Group (TRG); Gordon Gould; Charlie Townes; Theodore Maiman; Deming Lewis; A. T. Forrester; George Dacey; C. Geoffrey B. Garrett; Ross McFarlane; Bruce Bogert; Willis Lamb; Paul Rabinowitz; V. P. Chebotaev; John. W. Knutson; Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR); Army Research Office, Durham (AROD); Vernon Hughes; Lloyd Wood; Marshall Harrington; Alfred P. Sloane Foundation; Institute for Defense Analyses; Bob Collins; Kurt Shuler; Walter Faust; argon laser; Spectra Physics; Bill Bridges; Grant Fowles; William Silfvast; Bill Walter; Marty Pilch.
Physicist known for his pioneering work on gas lasers at Bell Laboratories. He spent most of his career on the faculty of Yale University from 1962-2000.
Bennett, William Ralph, 1930-2008.
Bogert, Bruce P.
Boyd, Gary Delane, 1932-
Bridges, William B., 1934-
Burhop, E. H. S. (Eric Henry Stoneley)
Chebotaev, V. P. (Veniamin Pavlovich), 1938-
Collins, Robert Joseph., 1923-
Dacey, George
Duffendack, Ora S. (Ora Stanley), 1890
Faust, Walter Luck, 1934-
Forrester, A. Theodore
Fowles, Grant R.
Fox, A. Gardner
Garrett, Charles Geoffrey Blythe.
Geballe, Theodore H., 1920-
Gordon, Eugene I., 1930-
Gordon, James P.
Gould, Gordon, 1920-2005
Harrington, Marshall Cathcart, 1904-
Headrick, Lewis B.
Herring, William Conyers, 1914-
Herriott, Donald R., 1928-
Hughes, Vernon W.
Javan, Ali, 1926-
Knutson, John. W.
Ladenburg, Rudolf Walter, 1882-1952
Lamb, Willis E. (Willis Eugene), 1913-2008
Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989
Li, Tingye
Maiman, Theodore H.
Massey, Harrie Stewart Wilson, Sir
McFarlane, Ross A.
Millman, S. (Sidney), 1904-2006.
Mitchell, Allan C. G. (Allan Charles Gray), 1902-
Nyquist, Harry
Pilch, M.
Rabinowitz, Paul H.
Robinson, Hugh G.
Schawlow, Arthur L., 1921-1999
Scovil, Henry Evelyn Derrick, 1923-
Shuler, Kurt E. (Kurt Egon), 1922-
Silfvast, William Thomas, 1937-
Townes, Charles H.
Turner, Arthur F.
Walter, William T.
Wood, Lloyd A.
Zemansky, Mark Waldo, 1900-.
Air Reduction Company
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Columbia University
Institute for Defense Analyses
Linde Air Products Company
Spectra-Physics (Firm)
Technical Measurement Corporation
Technical Research Group
United States. Air Force. Office of Scientific Research
United States. Army Research Office
Yale University.
Argon lasers.
Helium-neon lasers.
Lasers -- History.
Lasers -- Research.
Science and industry
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Bromberg, Joan Lisa, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA