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Langevin-Joliot, Hľn̈e, 1927-
Oral history interview with Helene Langevin-Joliot, 2003 April 13.
The discussion includes her early education and the development of her interest in physics; the influence and work of her parents, Irene Curie and Frederic Joliot, and her grandmother, Marie Curie; her work to increase science literacy in general and , in particular, among young adults; encouraging women to pursue scientific careers; World War II in France; reaction to the atomic bomb; radiation risks and benefits, family information, including her husband , Michael Langevin, grandson of Paul Langevin) and children, and aunt Eve Curie.
French nuclear physicist. Ph.D from College de France in 1956. Continued her research at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS); served as Director of the Institute de physique nucleaire experimental research department at Orsay which is associated with CNRS, and the University of South Paris. Served as Coordinator of the 200 MeV Synchrocyclotron projects, Chair of the CNRS Committee for Nuclear Physics, and member of Advisory Committee for Science and Technology to the Parliamentary Office of France. She is the daughter of Irene Curie and Frederick Joliot and the granddaughter of Marie Sklodowska-Curie.
Curie, Marie, 1867-1934
Joliot-Curie, Irn̈e 1897-1956.
Joliot-Curie, Frďřic.
Langevin-Joliot, Hľn̈e, 1927-
Nuclear physics -- History.
Women physicists -- France.
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Niroomand-Rad, Azam, interviewer.
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